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Gallegos River "Sea Run Broun Trout"

"Gallegos River"

Fishing in the River Gallegos, fishing the powerful ones Is Trout migratory a only experience River Gallegos.
Exits from with transport and guide including.
Duration: 2 to 4 days minimal
Alternatives: Small River Gallegos (brown), South Small River (Brooks) and River Coyle (Brooks)

Contacts and reserves:

Lake Strobel - Jurassic Lake

" Lake Strobel - Jurassic Lake" :

Exits from Rio Gallegos to the Strobel Lake 4 days and 3 nights, with transport, meals, lodging and guide.

Contact and reserves:

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Fly Fishing Guides - Patagonia Argentina

Hi my friends this is my new web
Guias de pesca en Santa Cruz Patagonia Argentina

miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008


Good my fishing friendly beloveds and fans to the fishing, wanted to share with you the good news, the beginning of found me season in the River Galician with few results as far as fishing, since the river comes loaded with much water reason why for the fisherman with fly him complicate a little, but good, the important thing is that in the crossed one we found Marcela Santi “Biologa” studying and collecting data on is them trout or silver plating, when approaching we could see the process of noticeable, harvesting of grudges and the taking to us of sample for the later DNA analysis so we suspended the fishing plans to unite to us and be able to collaborate a little with this cause that would have to be an obligation of all the sport fishermen since it is ours is trout and that little we know of its length to peregrinate by the river. When arriving at borders where they were being captured exemplary we had a discussion with Marcela that commented to us that the great captures in the previous attempts had not been many but that if they were managed to mark several small units. Preparing new attempts the great units but did not take in appearing, two silver plating or loaded of grudges silver-plated from their recent enter the river were brought closer to the border, a male of about 4 kg and one beautiful female of 6,5 kg or streamlined and with all the force characterizes that them, is possible to emphasize that the all the units captured later the taking of samples, successful were given back to the water so that they continue with his course to make specific sickle reproductive, so, very contentment’s so that our trout are studying and so that in the beginning of season we could see silver trout overcoming the river. -

So my friendly beloveds are hour to collaborate with those who helps to take care of and to study resource unique and very difficult to recover if is damaged it, is by which through AIKE RIVERS we asked for all the fishermen, who if they capture noticeable trout are reported with Marcela Santi in the Direction of Continental Fishing and by on all the things that those units are returned to the water since they are vital to continue with the study, the data to extract of these units are the Nº of mark, to extract grudges on the lateral one of the dorsal, long fin and in case of counting on balance to take the weight, all these data to approach them Continental Fishing or to communicate mail way with Aike Rivers to put them in direct bonding with Marcela. –

If we collaborated between all we are going to manage to know, to conserve, to take care of and by on all the things to take bring back to consciousness of which we counted on a unique resource, by and for the coming generations.-

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008


My friendly beloveds to share with you the second part from this trip to the lake strobel where in little 3 hours the fishing was exelente reason why attached east video to shorten a little to them so longed for season beginning a Gaston hug. -

viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008

"Opening Season fishing" Pataginia -Argentina 2008/2009

Season 2008/2009

The Ministry of the Argentina Production, through the Direction of Continental, dependent Fishing of the Undersecretary's office of Fishing and Harbor Activities. It informs generally to the community and the sport fishermen in particular, who the season of sport fishing 2008/2009 will begin next the 15 of October for the river Gallegos, and the 1 of November for remaining dulceacuícolas atmospheres of the Province. In that frame - the part of press adds - one inquires in addition that the practice of the sport fishing in the Lagos Buenos Aires, Argentino and Pueyrredón, like thus also in the Jeinimini river, is all the year open, with the restrictions established in the Regulation of Sport Fishing Continental Patagónico - Season 2007/2008.

martes, 17 de junio de 2008



Fishing, trouts, rivers, Lake, and an ample variety of espescies turns by exelencia to the Province of Santa Cruz into a only destiny where surely it achieved the looked for objectives.